Paliative Care


Palliative care


Palliative care also known as End of life care is support for people who are in the last few days, months or years of their life.

Palliative care should help the person to live as well as possible until they die and to die with dignity. We provide an individualised best quality care that suits our service user’s wishes and preferences after going through the care and support plan with the person. We also provide support to their family, carers or other people who are important to them.

People in lots of different situations can benefit from end of life care. Some of them may be expected to die within the next few hours or days. Others receive end of life care over many months.

People are considered to be approaching the end of life when they are likely to die within the next 12 months.  Although this is not always possible to predict, this includes people whose death is imminent, as well as people who have:

An advanced incurable illness, such as cancer, dementia or motor neurone disease

People that are generally frail and have co-existing conditions that mean they are expected to die within 12 months or

May have an existing conditions if they are at risk of dying from a sudden crisis in their condition

Have a life-threatening acute condition caused by a sudden catastrophic event, such as an accident or stroke.


As a result the goal of palliative care is achievement of the best quality of life for patients and their families. Many aspects of palliative care are also applicable earlier in the course of the illness in conjunction with other treatments.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published guidance on the care of dying adults in the last days of life. This guidance covers how to manage common symptoms, as well as dignity and respect for the dying person, their relatives and carers.



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